Please explore the FAQ’s below to learn more about our Network. If your query is not answered, please contact us now to talk to a member of the Network team.

How does CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnet training network work?

The network consists of groups of Irish businesses in the same sector that come together to avail of training-related activities which may not have been possible on their own.

CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnet facilitates this by identifying, developing, procuring and delivering the training courses businesses require.

Member companies, and their employees, are actively involved in the identification, design, delivery and evaluation of training.

This ensures courses are:

  • Cost efficient – the training network has better buying power and courses are grant assisted
  • Relevant – businesses can request the exact training their staff need
  • Convenient – delivered at a time and a location that suits i.e in-house training
  • Of a high quality – we only source the best and most relevant training providers

What are the benefits of joining the CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnet network?

  • Cost effective – businesses can avail of subsidised training programmes
  • Saving of time and resources – CILT Skillnet will organise training on behalf of members
  • Networking opportunities – with businesses in the same sector/region
  • Creating new business contacts/opportunities
  • Sharing of knowledge, ideas, advice and best practice
  • Up-skilled staff in the latest technology and management techniques for your industry

How does my company become a member of the network?

Once you contact CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnet and arrange for an employee(s) to join a course or decide on a date for a training programme to be held in-house you automatically become a member.

How much do the training courses cost?

By combining purchasing power with the grant funding available to us through Skillnets, we can provide high quality subsidised training at a considerable discount to the normal market price.

The cost of the courses vary according to course type, number of trainees, accreditation and location required.

How do I avail of subsidised training with CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnet?

CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnet training is available to employees of private sector/commercial semi-state businesses based in the Republic of Ireland. This includes sole traders.

Contact CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnet today to discuss your training needs.

What kind of training is available?

Training is tailored to the requirement of companies in the transport, logistics and supply chain management

If there is a course you require that is not on the training schedule please contact CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnet.

Where and when are the courses held?

Courses are delivered at a time and location that suits the business or businesses.

This can be training in-house or employees can take part in an open programme in an external venue.

Courses are held during the day, evening and on Saturday.

Day courses, depending on the training required, can range in length from 1 day to 4 days.

Evening courses, depending on the training required, can range in length from 1 evening to 10 evenings.

Can individuals take part in training programmes?

Yes but you must be an employee of a CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnet member.