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January 28, 2021

New ENS Declarations programme

Following the departure of the UK from the European Union, many businesses are experiencing difficulties with certain customs formalities. One such formality is the need for ENS declarations (also known as Safety and Security declarations).

Building on the success of the Clear Customs programme and Certificate in Customs Compliance and Trade Facilitation programme, CILT Skillnet is delighted to launch their new Importing Control Processes: Submitting ENS Declarations programme.


What are ENS Declarations?

An Entry Summary Declaration is an electronic safety and security declaration from the Carrier to the Customs Authorities. It must be lodged in advance of the arrival of the aircraft, vessel, truck or trailer. Using EU agreed common risk rules, the Entry Summary Declaration will undergo risk analysis and any appropriate safety and security data will be passed to the other Member States where they are identified as being included in the itinerary of the means of transport.


The Programme

This course will specifically focus on the economic operators’ responsibilities regarding Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) when importing into the customs territory of the EU and how to complete these declarations in the Import Control System (ICS).

The course is designed to give participants an understanding of why ENS declarations are necessary, the obligations on the parties submitting these declarations and who is responsible.

The course will give practical examples of how to submit an ENS declarations to the ICS system for the three most common means of transport, road, sea and air, when entering the EU from a third country.

It will also contain updates on the new ICS2 system effective from 15 march 2021 for express carriers and European based postal operators and third country postal operators shipping to Europe.

The short, self-paced programme is delivered through eLEARN , CILT Skillnet’s e-learning platform.

Unit 1 consists of pre-recorded lessons and a multiple-choice question quiz. The unit explains the theory and principles regarding ENS declarations

Unit 2 consists of practical explanations and demonstrations on completing ENS declarations.


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