General Terms and Conditions

CILT Skillnet is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies. Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills. Therefore, the fees for our training events have been reduced for network members.

Please note that from time to time Skillnet Ireland or a third party may carry out a quality assurance assessment on randomly selected training events, if you are contacted please take the time to answer the questions that you are asked regarding the training and CILT Skillnet.

General conditions to apply for training at a reduced rate:

  • Your company/ business must be a member of the CILT Skillnet to gain funding.
  • Membership of CILT Skillnet is free and automatic on booking a training event for the first time.
  • Your company/business must be registered in the Republic of Ireland.
  • To gain the reduced training fee from CILT Skillnet you must be either employed or self-employed.
  • Acceptance onto a course is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of the CILT Skillnet management team.
  • Once you have been accepted onto the training event you will be invoiced via email (postal invoices will only be issued on request).
  • Training event fees must be paid in full and in advance of the event commencing unless a prior agreement has been reached with CILT Skillnet management team.
  • All fees must be paid directly to CILT Skillnet.
  • Refunds will only be issued if notice of non-attendance is given in writing a least 15 working days prior to the commencement of the training event or if the training event is cancelled.
  • Training event schedules are subject to demand and in exceptional circumstances can be postponed or cancelled.
  • CILT Skillnet reserves the right to alter the contents of any course/event or the programme specialists and / or the venue(s) due to circumstances beyond its control.
  • Fees can be paid by EFT, debit or credit card (payment details will be included on your invoice). Some courses/events may require immediate payment at the time of booking.
  • Payment by card can be made over the phone.
  • CILT Skillnet is funded on an annual basis. Funding for longer term courses (covering 2 or more calendar years) cannot be guaranteed however we fully envisage gaining funding into the future. If there is any change to the CILT Skillnet funding circumstances, you will be notified in advance.
  • Additionally, as a condition of the funding, you are required to complete the presented documentation. Failure to complete all the required documentation will deem the funding void and the member company will be liable for the full fee without the grant aid.
  • Please sign in on the sign-in sheet daily on classroom-based training events.
  • As a condition of the funding, all trainees are required to complete a Trainee Profile Form either online when registering, or when presented to them on the day of training.
  • As a condition of the funding, all trainees are required to complete a Reaction to Learning Form at the end of the training event.¬† Any certification or course resources such as videos, notes presentations etc may be withheld until the evaluation is submitted.
  • If you do not wish to complete the forms and still wish to attend the training event you will be charged the full fee without CILT Skillnet grant aid (prices advertised are inclusive of CILT Skillnet grant aid).
  • If contacted by Skillnet or a third party completing a quality assurance assessment regarding the training event you have attended with CILT Skillnet please complete the survey or take the call. (Please note CILT Skillnet, Skillnet Ireland or a third party acting behalf of Skillnet Ireland will NEVER ask for personal information on these calls/emails such as PPS numbers, bank details, etc (if this information is requested please do not give out your personal information and contact us immediately).


Special Terms and Conditions for Clear Customs programmes

These special terms and conditions apply to Clear Customs programmes.

  • Cancellations must be made by emailing [email protected] no later than two weeks prior to the commencement of the course.
  • Due to the high demand for places, cancellations which are not notified via email may affect your eligibility for future places on this course.
  • CILT Skillnet reserves the right to cancel future bookings following late cancellations or nonattendance.
  • Due to the sequential & progressive structure of the training, all trainees are required to attend the full 5 days training of the course they booked. Swapping days or attending training on another course can not be facilitated.
  • Failure to attend all 5 days means Trainees cannot successfully complete the course and will not be awarded certification. Consequently, this will impact their eligibility for the Customs Financial Incentive Payment if applied for. Trainees who miss a training day may continue to attend subsequent training days.


Last Updated: 18/12/2020