Customs Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

Start date: 22 May 2024

Duration: 1 Day (9.30am -1pm ………. 2pm – 4pm)

Location: Online delivery

Cost: €130

Programme overview

AEO is a compliance standard issued by customs administrations in the EU to businesses involved in the import and export of goods.
Having become authorised, Irish companies will be given very attractive benefits such as a low security risk, access to customs simplifications and certain special procedures, lower examination rates and priority clearance of goods in certain circumstances.
In summary, imports and exports can be cleared through customs with the minimum of formality removing any potential for costly delays.
The current EU-UK TCA allows for Mutual Recognition of AEO’s between both customs territories reducing complexity and cost in your supply chain.
This practical course will focus on the application process for AEO and the stages involved in granting the authorisation. It will cover all aspects of the different types of AEO and the benefits of these in the international supply chain. Understanding the new EU Traders Portal for e-AEO applications and how to liaise with the relevant customs authorities throughout the application and authorisation process. This course will involve in-dept examination of the AEO Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), common mistakes made in the application process and the maintenance of your AEO, once granted.

Who Should Attend your course?

This training is suitable for all businesses import/exporting products to/from Non-EU countries including the UK and Northern Ireland. It is also relevant for those using the UK land bridge for access to/from continental Europe. The webinar is suitable for senior managers, finance teams, operations staff from manufacturing, distribution, or finance industries.


Sellers using online platform’s

Multinational organisations & manufacturers

Freight Forwarders & international distributors

Warehouse operators

Course Content/Benefits:

1). Introduction: review of AEO benefits, types of AEO, update on EU-UK TCA and mutual recognition

2). AEO Criteria: standards required in business processes, IT systems & physical building/warehouse security.

3). Application process:

  1. Preparation process (scoping and data/process gathering)
  • Know which AEO status you need
  • Application of the 5 main criteria
  • Responsible person and project team roles/responsibilities
  • Pre-application discussion with customs
  • Completing Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)


  1. Submitting your application
  • Completion of tabulated folder and organisation of all processes and procedures
  • Submitting completed application electronically in E-AEO portal
  • Post application acceptance process with customs – managing the process and updating your application after customs examination
  • Preparation for onsite customs audit and inspection


4). Timelines and project structure – end to end project timelines and resource allocation


5). Staff training and company compliance obligations


6). Maintaining your AEO – post authorisation customs checks and ensuring customs compliance continuity. Reporting and dealing with errors and irregularities in your customs supply chain


Course takeaway material to include presentation, AEO criteria file for Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and ISO compliance links to AEO application.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn how the AEO can benefit your international supply chain through faster access to enhanced customs clearance and compliance procedures. You will learn how to approach an AEO; scoping, data gathering and submission of SAQ. Attendees will also understand how AEO can improve and manage compliance in your supply chain and how to reduce risk and increase safety and security. The new Union Customs Code (UCC) customs legislation and its customs simplifications and special customs procedures is closely linked with the AEO programme and that will be fully explained and demonstrated to participants. In short, you will learn how to manage your AEO application from start to finish.

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