Collision Scene Investigation (First Response)

Start date: 15 November 2023

Duration: One day (9.30am – 4.30pm)

Location: Clayton Hotel, Leopardstown, Dublin 18

Certificate: Collision Scene Investigation (First Response)

Cost: €225

Programme overview

Collision Consulting Limited is pleased to offer a ‘Collision Scene Investigation Course’ specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the Transport Industry. The course will be presented over 1 day and will include both classroom and a practical ‘break out’ session.
Course objectives are to provide an understanding of collision scene information combined with recording relevant data, resulting in a consistent level of investigative skills. With training provided by two experienced instructors, this is an intensely practical and interactive format to ensure maximum learning benefit.

Topics include:
 Collision/incident Scene safety
 Examination principles and techniques
 Scene photography
 Scene Measurement
 Practical ‘break out’ session – simulated collision scene
 Awareness of additional sources of information
 Case studies

The subsidised cost of this programme is €225 from €300.

Who is this Course for?

This course is suitable for Transport Managers & Road Safety personnel involved in the investigation and prevention of road incidents.

Course Content & timeframe (times are approx.)

9.30 – 11.00         Collision Scene examination principles and techniques


  • Scene arrival & safety, first response procedures, your company agenda.
  • Identify the full extent of the relevant area/data to be recorded.
  • With specific emphasis on liability and learning outcomes specific to this Industry – Provide the investigator with an awareness of what relevant information is required to compile a comprehensive report.
  • Understand the importance of tyre marks, gouges marks and all relevant collision scene evidence and properly record this data.
  • Since data recording in this environment is usually under time constraints, emphasis is placed on essential movable/loss potential data, due to road opening and weather conditions.



11.15 – 11.45           Scene Photography

  • Identifying and prioritising essential evidence to be recorded.
  • To pictorially reconstruct the scene including sight lines, approach angles, road surface, street furniture etc.
  • Vehicle photography includes essential angles, damaged & undamaged areas, and vehicle interiors.



11.50 – 12.30          Scene Measurement

  • Recording of measurements using established methods of scene mapping – Datum line and triangulation. These techniques are taught using basic tools i.e.  100m/25m tape measure & metre wheel.
  • Participants will accurately measure and reproduce data in a simplified format suitable for further analysis.


12.30 – 1.30     Lunch


1.30 – 2.45     Practical ‘break out’ session – collision scene


Practical demonstration and participation in Scene – photography & measurement



3.00 – 3.45        Awareness of additional sources of information


This module will include the relevance of additional sources of information and how they are used in collision investigation.

These additional sources include:

  • Interviewing witnesses
  • HGV Speed & driver activity data (tachograph)
  • Sat Nav analysis
  • CCTV, & dashcam
  • Vehicle event data retrieval
  • Vehicle crush damage analysis



3.45 – 4.30      Case studies & debrief


Participants are provided with real case scenarios to analyse within the teaching environment as an aid to developing their skills and investigative techniques.

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Course location & timetable

Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm

            15th November 23’’ – Clayton Hotel, Leopardstown, Dublin 18.




Participants will receive a Completion Certificate in ‘Collision Scene Investigation (First Response).

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